New England Patriots: Bullies of the Schoolyard


“We took your lunch money… we took your bike… and now we’re going to take your gold chains. BULLIES IN THE SCHOOLYARD… CAN’T. STOP. IT.”


That was the call from Patriots radio analyst, Scott Zolak, as he watched Jonas Gray reach pay dirt for the fourth time against the Indianapolis Colts on November 16th. That has been the story for the Patriots this season. Well, since the Kansas City loss in week 4 (41-14) anyways. BULLIES IN THE SCHOOLYARD.

Deflate-gate. I’m not even going to begin to talk about it, or how stupid it is. In my opinion it is the dumbest sports controversy EVER. Regardless of your opinion about deflate-gate, one thing is fair – Belichick and Brady are an amazing combination.

It’s a shame, an absolute SHAME that the time leading up to the Super Bowl thus far has been spent on nonsense. The news sources have been littered with idiotic headlines and stories from the same media that is supposed to keep us informed about the Super Bowl. I’ve heard more stories about Marshawn Lynch not wanting to do interviews, or what color cleats he will wear, and what the league will/won’t do about the Patriots’ deflated footballs (allegedly).

The media is trying to make stories out of NOTHING!!!! We aren’t going to get answers from the league office about deflate-gate until after the Super Bowl (sorry, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it.). Isn’t that already any easy assumption? What is the league going to say?? Are they supposed to be like, “Hey, Tom Brady…uhmmm… yeah, you can’t play in the Super Bowl because your footballs were 7-8% less inflated than the league policy. Sorry man, better luck next year! We’re really hoping you the best!” No. No. Noooooo!!! You can’t do that!!! That’s relatively close to being pulled over when you’re on the way to your 6th brother’s wedding for speeding 62 in a 55 and having to go to jail for the night. Now maybe if you have multiple people in the car using illegal drugs you could make a case (hahahaha), but not for speeding 7 MPH over the limit! Okay, that’s sort of crazy, but you get the point. How much can you actually penalize a team/player/coach for BALL PRESSURIZATION without just busting out laughing and saying that you’re kidding? Okay I’m done talking about it…

I absolutely expect the Patriots to win this game. Nothing against Seattle, but the Patriots are the better team, this season. Seattle has a good system, great coach, and a better nucleolus. They were good the last few seasons, and will continue to be great into the future. However, the Patriots are elite, the cream of the crop, and my personal favorite… BULLIES IN THE SCHOOLYARD!

Tom Brady –

Obviously it starts with the face of the franchise, Tom Brady. It’s comical how people will associate Brady as the guy who loves to wear UGGs, is married to Gisele Bundchen, or how he isn’t capable of torching Seattle. Number 12 should be recognized for what he is: a fearless leader with a competitiveness rivaling Michael Jordan, a cold blooded killer that would cut off his own arm to taste a 4th Super Bowl victory, a living legend, a superstar of the highest order, and the quarterback that has the opportunity to overhaul the great Joe Montana.

It’s amusing to me that people are even flirting with the idea that the Seahawks can do what they did to Manning last year to Brady. First off, Peyton looked scared. From the first snap of the game he looked uncomfortable, timid, tense, and miniature. Manning will forever be haunted by what Seattle did to him. An absolutely amazing beat down performed by the Seahawks, no questions asked. However, Brady isn’t Peyton Manning. Brady has arm strength. Brady can thread the needle. And most importantly, Brady is FEARLESS. Brady is going to fit a square through a circle at some point for a nice touchdown during the Super Bowl and follow it up with a trademarked head-butt into Gronkowski, Edelman, or whoever’s facemask (AHHHHHH!!!!!!). He will then jog past Richard and let him know that he’ll be there all night.

The fact that everybody is so “scared” of Richard Sherman is what is going to make this Super Bowl one to remember. 12 years from now when Sherman is an over-the-hill veteran in this league we will look back at this Super Bowl and either remember when he was a monster against he Patriots and stapled his name in NFL history; or when Brady famously went after “the best cornerback in the game” time and time again on the way to his 4th Super Bowl ring (equal for most ever with Terry Bradshaw & Joe Montana). We know how talented Tom Brady is, but it’s the intangibles that set him apart from anybody on the planet. The guttiness of Tom Brady is second to none. If you expect him to come out and avoid Sherman the whole game, you’re crazy. That being said, Brady doesn’t throw to the sideline that often anyways, but if he needs to do so then he will. I can promise you that Brady doesn’t just want to win, he wants to PUNK Seattle. Send them home packing for a long regretful off-season.

An outright WAR is about to happen on Sunday. If I was going into battle there isn’t a general I’d rather have on my team than Tom Brady. In the words of Scott Zolak, “BRADY’S BACK!!!! THAT’S YOUR QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!” followed by the weirdest moment in sports broadcast history.


Coach Belichick –

Say what you’d like about Belichick. No really, let it all out…






Okay, now that you’re over that…


How to you define somebody like Bill Belichick (don’t be snarky)? Innovative. Sarcastic. Brilliant. Competitive. Special. Dominant. Commanding. Feared. Loved. Champion. Best. Greatest. Transcendent. Amazing. Coach Belichick is truly one-of-a-kind, an evil football scientist.

He’s obviously an amazing coach, one of the greatest to ever do it. But he might be the single most intelligent football mind to ever walk this Earth.

Take a moment to look at what Belichick has done for the Patriots the last decade-and-a-half or so. 12/14 times the Patriots have been AFC East Division Champs. He will be going for his 4th Super Bowl victory in six appearances. He’s lead his team to four STRAIGHT AFC Championship Games. Belichick is a walking legend, along with Brady, but all anybody wants to do is throw stones at the pair anytime that they get the opportunity.

Go ahead; call Belichick a cheater, but it doesn’t mean anything. A Belichick-scandal in which you bend a small rule is different then when you LITERALLY place money on the head of another player in order to get him injured and out of the game (Saints’ Boutny-Gate in 2009). Belichick would NEVER do something like what the Saints did, or even the Broncos (potentially) who rocked Talib out of the AFC Championship last season by running a dirty pick-play. Spy-Gate was a coaching strategy, a bad one, but it had nothing to do with the players. Strictly coaching staff to gain an advantage. But that’s a different conversation… another stone thrown at the brilliance of New England.

Once again, Belichick will get the Patriots fired up through all of the adversity. Belichick would and will lead this team through Hell in order to obtain a Super Bowl victory. I don’t think this will be a distraction for the Patriots, if anything it just rekindled a flame of motivation to staple this franchises 14 year run as the greatest stretch in NFL history (maybe more to come…). The Patriots are BULLIES IN THE SCHOOLYARD and if you want to fight them, then you’re going to get PUNCHED IN THE MOUTH. That’s all there is to it. A blue-collar football team is coming to take what they believe is theirs. The Patriots and all their fans behind them are in complete “F-U mode” and are tired of the media, I guarantee it. Large portion of credit will be given to Belichick for how he is able to weather the storm and keep his team’s boat afloat.

As great as Pete Carroll is, he isn’t Belichick. This is a heavyweight fight between head coaches. Belichick gets the nod – he’s smarter, brilliant on the big stage, has proved himself multiple times, and is the guru of game planning. Belichick’s greatest quality is being able to take your number one weapon and make it disappear. Bad news for Marshawn Lynch, he’s that for Seattle. Don’t believe me? Just look at what he recently did to Andrew Luck. Explain how Peyton Manning is 5-11 against New England in his career. Explain how they made the “Greatest Show on Turf” slow down. Explain how he’s dominated the AFC for 14 seasons. Explain to me how he held a much more explosive offense (Indianapolis) than Seattle to 7 points in an AFC Championship. Please, I’ll be waiting for your comments.

After the Super Bowl win that the Patriots WILL get on Sunday, Belichick is easily the greatest coach in the history of the sport. First-ballot Hall of Famer, no questions asked, no asterisk(s).

 New England’s Improved Defense –

The Seahawks defense is really good and so is New England’s. Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner (Please tell me that he isn’t fired up to have the best game of his career against Seattle.) are literally going to press Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse until they don’t want to play football anymore. It’s been stated that Revis and Baldwin will be together basically the entire game. So in other words, Wilson is throwing to Kearse, Lynch, or Luke Wilson.

Schematically New England should only be worrying about Lynch and Wilson in the read option because their secondary is almost as talented as Seattle’s. As the Packer’s showed – stop Lynch early and often and you’ll have success. You just CAN’T let up. The Seahawks have unbelievable toughness, motivation, and heart. Stop Lynch and you win the Super Bowl; it’s that simple. If Andrew Luck can’t hurt you, neither will Russell Wilson (through the air).

If New England can’t stop Lynch then it’ll likely be a long night for the Patriots defense, and the score will resemble a shootout. Stopping Lynch is a lot tougher than it sounds. He has got to be licking his chops because the Patriots struggled stopping the run against the Ravens (really all season, ranked 19th), allowing Forsett to rush for 129 yards with a receiving touchdown. Forsett was used mostly out of a zone rush style similar to the Seahawks, except Lynch is the best zone rushing back in the league.

Keeping Wilson contained in the pocket is a must. Russell Wilson is extremely dangerous when he gets outside of the pocket and scrambles around extending plays until there is a breakdown in the coverage. There is no such thing as a broken play for Russell Wilson because his ability to extend a play when everything goes to Hell is insane. A prime example was during the two-point conversion against Green Bay. Wilson was being chased down and he literally threw the ball fading away off his back foot 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage… ACROSS HIS BODY and completed the conversion. Call it luck, or call it whatever you want, that play got them to overtime to win the game… where Wilson took over.

The Gronk –

 America’s most entertaining football player is also the most unstoppable force in football.

He’s got a big boy frame with BIG BOY MITTS. Gronkowski is a sheer force coming to gouge LOB in the throat. He can do it all – lineup at tight end, fullback, wide receiver, go deep, run across the middle, slants, fades, whips, comebacks, curls, seams, run-block, etc. The Gronk is a bad, baaad man that is looking forward to this game with a colossal sized bag of emotion mixed with motivation and plans to take it out on the league’s best defense. He’s an unstoppable force from anywhere on the field. Just having him on the field as a decoy shifts the entire balance and game plan of your defense.

The only thing that scares me a little bit about the Gronk is that he’s too big. He’s too big of target for Chancellor and Thomas. Who says they won’t just wash a 15-yard penalty for Gronkowski being on the sideline the rest of the game? I’m not saying they’re dirty players, or are planning on doing that, but how do we know? It’s funny though because they’re the “enforcers”, not Gronkowski. Who’s to say Gronk won’t just attack injured Thomas or Sherman the way he went after Sergio Brown? He might have to throw them out of the club! BULLIES IN THE SCHOOLYARD!!!!!!!


It’s almost a good thing that Gronkowski is as great as he is because he’s their only focus that they have to “stop”. And that is how the Patriots beat you! Every single time you think you have them figured out they come out and do the opposite of what you thought they would. Example – Blount had a huge week against the Colts – 30 attempts, 148 rushing yards, and 3 touchdowns. How about the week before that against Baltimore? Only 3 rushes for 1 yard, whoa.Edelman, Amendola, and Vereen will live off of how they defend Gronkowski all night!

Does anybody ACTUALLY know what the Patriots are going to try and do? I have no idea. Do you? Do the Seahawks REALLY know what the Patriots will come out and try and do? My goodness, they change their play style every few weeks to something we haven’t seen before! How about the trick formations against Baltimore?? That was brilliant!!!!! Something we’ve NEVER seen before. How about the trick-play?? What else does New England have up their sleeves (unless their Belichick’s because he doesn’t wear sleeves)??

Prediction – Patriots 37-17

 I honestly feel with an extra week of preparation that Belichick and Brady will be able to crack the case of the Seattle Seahawks elite defense, leading to a 37-17 rout. Would I be surprised if the Patriots only won by lets say, three points? No. Would I be surprised if Seattle won? No.

Brady is your Super Bowl MVP with 321 yards and 3 touchdowns (two to Gronkowski) because they’re BULLIES IN THE SCHOOL YARD!!!!!!

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